Shining the Light on Human Rights: Injustice Anywhere Is Injustice Everywhere

A child whimpers, his hunger is unbearable. A teen wails as he is kidnapped. A mother screams as she is beaten by her partner. A man is taken advantage of and he yells in confusion and pain.

These are cries that will resound in their homes, their communities, and maybe even in their towns. But after their fatigue overtakes them and their pleas drift away, who will hear them? Help them? Rescue them? Advocate for them?

These questions prompted the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) to act in order to make sure that these injustices do not go unnoticed. Human rights are an undeniable right that every human being is guaranteed and a right in which no other human being can take away under any circumstance. Therefore, the violation of human rights is illegal and it requires the correct type of intervention so that these violations do not become a habit.

Therefore, through the guidance of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, IPYGโ€™s parent organization), the IPYG began contacting brave men and women throughout the Caribbean who have dedicated their lives to serving the embattled along with those who have experienced an infringement on their human rights.

The cries, whimpers, wails, screams, and yells of one global citizen should stir the hearts of all global citizens. Those are our brothers and sisters who are in pain, and they need us! They need support. The pain of a brother or sister across the globe should be a concern for us all.

Why? Because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

On December 10th, 2021, the Washington DC branch of IPYG collaborated with two human rights advocates from Cuba and two from the Bahamas in order to learn how to publicize the crimes to the international community, to learn how international citizens were dealing with these atrocities, and to also brainstorm solutions to resolve these issues.

The VIPs were Mr. John Suarez, Director of the Center for a Free Cuba; Ms. Sirley Avila de Leon, a Cuban Human Rights defender; Mr. Troy Clarke, CEO of the National LEAD Institute in the Bahamas; and Mistyann Burrows, an associate analyst from Lend a Hand Bahamas.

The panelistโ€™s discussions led the participants to understand how each organization has been working to decrease human rights violations in their countries and how the world can become a world of Freedom, Love, and Peace, amongst other topics.

One panelist responded saying that, โ€œfor this world to become one of freedom, peace, and love, we need to build more awareness through our education system, implementing education curriculums from primary to high school kids to teach them how to deal with conflict resolution, how to dispute resolution, and how to respect one another and respect human rights. It will lead to a more peaceful and safer community.”

This led directly into the main portion of the event and into the presentation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) which HWPL had composed along with 17 international legal experts to spell out good governance practices for all governments and citizens worldwide.

The last words shared at the event highlighted the benefits and relevance of the DPCW and how it could change the cries and wails of the global citizens into cheering and jubilation, which will come when we all live as one in a peaceful society.

It is possible for us to attain this when we become one under a reliable set of standards that is accepted by all men and collectively work to uphold the dignity of every person, every nation and state, and every regulation that is set in place to guard us. The DPCW prevents conflict, resolves conflict, and maintains peace in the nations that have begun to implement it. As we continue to unite to serve the citizens who need it most, we will be together to create a world of freedom, peace, and love.