Treasure Hunt for Local Peace Attraction Sites


One Step Closer to Developing the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of Warย 

Do you recall those times of having searched for hidden treasures in your backyard, nearby streets, shoreline, forests or mountains during your childhood?

In Tbilisi, Georgia, on October 30th, a group of young adults decided to take a treasure hunt to a whole new level and searched for local attraction sites that reminded them of the value of peace and harmony. It was done to raise awareness for the principles of the DPCW: the cessation of all wars.

Clues and riddles disclosed the location of the peace attraction sites to contestants without too much difficulty. Upon visiting these sites, many contestants discovered the noble values built into the sites that they may have passed by many times without acknowledgment.

They gathered at the bridge of peace in Tbilisi, one of the most well-known peace attraction sites, to award the group that successfully visited the most number of attraction sites. Having experienced the treasure hunt, all contestants wrote personal messages of peace theyโ€™d like to share with the world and released them tied to balloons. The youth also signed their support for the DPCW.

In light of the spirit calling for peace, the DPCW and its advocacy campaign, Legislate Peace, continue to inspire many young generations and people from all sectors of society around the world to bring an end to ongoing armed conflicts.