What We Expect from the WARP Summit 2017


What does peace sound like?

Hear the voices of both present and future peace messengers as they share their messages regarding the annual Summit of HWPL. Participants from last yearโ€™s summit reflect back on their experiences attending the events and conferences and look ahead to the upcoming 3rd Annual Commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit in September of this year.

Those who will be attending this event for the first time also share their expectations as well as their opinions of Collaborative Governance for Peace, the theme of this yearโ€™s summit. Despite coming from all different countries and backgrounds, these peace messengers will come together united in one heart for peace at the WARP Summit 2017.

โ€œIt was my first time for the 2nd Annual commemoration of the September 18th WARP Summit last year. I am so surprised with all the amazing preparation and crews who joined this event. Everything was well prepared and organized. It was the biggest event that I joined since I was born. Everyone who organized the event was very cheerful and friendly. They are truly trying to help for people to work together for peace.

For 3rd annual commemoration this year, I expect an effective action plan especially to promote peace to the youth through workshop, debate, capacity building, and charity. To achieving the peace, cooperation between each region, country and even citizen is very essential. I strongly support the theme and goal of the 3rd summit which is โ€œEstablishing Collaborative Governance for Peaceโ€. Join with us to give a world with a smile and keep this peaceful world as your legacy for your next generation.โ€

Mr. Borin Hy, Editor of Kampuchea Thmey Daily Newspaper, Cambodia


โ€œThe special day was the day of the peace celebration in the presence of more than 100,000 people. It was a great show with music, movies, dance, totally dedicated to peace. During the show, you can only think of kindness, work, love, people, and peace. For all that time, I had the ideas for peace, friends, picture and desire to be part of the peace movement in the world. I’m convinced that through the steps we are making and through the peace academy we will achieve the peace in the world. I’m so excited for the coming Summit.โ€

Mrs. Otilia Radu,ย Teacher of Technical College Elie Radu, Romania


โ€œComing together for peace is the requirement and this is what I expect most from this event. I expect this summit to increase cross cultural and interfaith understanding and dialogue. From my personal experiences, I know that having just one friend in a country makes you more sensitive about peace in that country.

So, letโ€™s have more and more friends. Why not? After all, fraternity is the key. As I said, Peace is not possible in isolation, I, as Asia Coordinator of UNOY Peacebuilders, holding one hand with HWPL, extend my other hand towards you to join us and support this initiative of HWPL for a peaceful world.โ€

MR. Mridul Upadhyay,ย Asia Coordinator at United Network of Young Peacebuilders, India


โ€œMy greeting in Islamย “assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh”, may the blessing of thy Lord be upon us today. This is very strategic in terms of collaborative endeavor in working together to resolve war and conflict throughout the world. With the leadership of HWPL in addressing peace and development throughout the world, hopefully the world leader, the academics leaders, including community leaders can work together, can work in tandem with one another so that we can address the war and conflict through Peace Education. This is my first time indeed to attend in WARP Summit, my expectation on this summit hopefully we can resolve the issue of war and conflict throughout the world.โ€

Dr.ย  Dammang S. Bantala,ย President of Cotabato City State Polytechnic College, Philippines


โ€œThis year I hope to follow up and develop what was agreed in last summit and to implement the result of all the sessions.ย I think in order to make this aim โ€˜Establishing Collaborative Governance for Peaceโ€™ ย the main theme of the upcoming Summit more practical, we need to cooperate with the following groups of decision makers in the world.

Number one, the politicians.ย Number two, religious leaders. Number three, the strategies of the different civilizations. Number four, the youth and student leaders. Number five, the women organizations for peace. Number six, peace keeping groups. They also have a big role in Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

HWPL is a NGO which can be embodiment for international peace coalition. I think all people and religious leaders and politicians should cooperate with this worldwide organization to maintain peace, tranquility and safety for all countries in the world.โ€

ย Grand Ayatollah, Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab, Present Grand Ayatollah of Canad